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Poker Entertainment Network antes up and goes all in on poker.

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August  8, 2013

Los Angeles, CA – All bets are on when the Poker Entertainment Network (PEN) premieres December 2013. PEN, the first network ever of its kind in North America, is designed to bring viewers 24/7 access to exclusive poker-related content.  PEN has secured agreements with Cable, Satellite, and Broadband providers to deliver poker entertainment to millions of homes throughout the US and Canada.  From the most elite players and passionate fans to the most casual of viewers, everyone tuning in to PEN will rake in the winnings of riveting and compelling content and coverage.

Viewers can choose from an unprecedented selection of gaming entertainment, from sizzling original programming to in-depth poker news, plus hot reality shows and the game’s most intense tournaments.   PEN also doubles down on fan engagement by offering poker-themed films and documentaries.

The first network created specifically to meet the demand of millions of global fans and players who crave the gaming experience, PEN delivers all inclusive coverage of one of the worlds most fascinating and mysterious industries.   Viewers won’t just watch, they’ll become insider players who experience the thrill of the game as they follow their favorite players.

PEN showcases the allure of the game and celebrates the poker lifestyle in an all-new, ultra-charged format that’s never been seen before.  With high stakes programming curated and created for every level of viewership, fans everywhere are being dealt a winning hand.

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Channel listings available through local cable providers. Please contact your satellite, broadband, or cable provider to ensure Poker Entertainment Network will be available in your area.